Review of My Hoyt Vicxen ZRS Bow

Hoyt Vicxen ZRS

I’m going to start by saying that I have always tried to stay away from bows that I considered “girly.” Until a friend begged me to try hers, I had no intention of picking up a Hoyt Vicxen. I soon realized that I should have picked it up much sooner.

The following is my review of the Vicxen. Broken down into two parts, I will let you in on my first impressions. When hunting season gets here, I’ll let you know how well it worked up me and how it stood up to my frequent abuse.

For a look at the Hoyt Vicxen’s specs, click here. I opted for the model with draw length of 26.5”, draw weight of 40#, and let off of 65%. Using a 355 grain arrow, it constantly reaches a speed of 212 fps.

My Initial Thoughts

The Vicxen is a dream to hold. It’s like it’s an extension of me. The grip feels as if were custom made to fit my hand. While it seemed a tad heavy the first few times I used it, I have become accustomed to it. Overall, it feels solid.

I had issues drawing the bow to begin with. The Cam and ½ plus is an aggressive cam, so I met my peak weight quickly. That left me to ride off most of the draw before the left off. However, I stuck with it. You should too because the amazing accuracy and speed are well worth the bit of extra exertion. Currently, I am shooting my highest groupings ever with this bow.

The release is quiet and I haven’t experienced any hand recoil. Let’s just say that my arrows go far enough that retrieving them has allowed me to cut down on my daily run.

As of now, this “girly bow” owner is quite content with her purchase. The Vicxen looks great and gets the job done.

*UPDATE* – 9 Months Later

So, 9 months have gone by, I’ve been through an entire season, and I’m back to let you know my thoughts on the Vicxen as a hunting bow and how it has held up.

I have shot this bow too many times to count. In fact, I’ve never shot this much before. From the first week, I’ve been shooting 60 to 100 arrows. I’ve shot in all kinds of weather, from snow to blazing heat. However, I did stay out of the hail and tornadoes. Why chance it?

The bow had no problems performing and has held up perfectly. Even though I’ve shot a gazillion times, the string remains in great shape and the bow looks like it did when I first purchased it.

There were just 2 small issues I ran into.

I’ve noticed the upper limbs are a little creaky. It’s not all the time and it isn’t very loud, but I do hear it from time to time. I’m not really certain what the cause is. Honestly, it’s not noticeable enough that I have any issues with shooting the bow in the silent woods with a 12 point buck in my sights.

The string silencer that resembles a squishy ball fell apart pretty quickly. (On a side note, it doesn’t look like the String Shox Hoyt has on their website or in their catalog. A quick email provided me with the explanation that this was an “inline change.”) While it’s true string silencers wear out fast, I just want to remind you that it is important to check them on this bow. When mine fell out, my Vicxen went from stealth and silent to loud enough to scare away the birds and everything else in the woods. If it happened while I was hunting, my trip would be over for the day.

As a Hunting Bow

In simple terms…My Favorite Bow Ever!

It doesn’t matter where I am at, I can easily maneuver and shoot. I know it can get the job done anytime I head out to the woods.

My favorite part of the bow is still how it feels like an extension of me. From day one up until now, it feels like it was made just for me. Yes, it has pink strings and paisley logos, but this is far from a “girly bow.” It’s deadly accurate, hard hitting, and just what you need in the field or on the range.