10 Tips to Prepare for Bow Hunting Season

bowhunting season prep

It never fails. Summer flies by, fall approaches, and my gear is nowhere near ready for the season.

At least one month before bow hunting season kicks off, you want to make sure that you are more than well-prepared for it. For this matter, in order for you not to forget important details during your preparation, follow these 10 helpful tips (read below).

10. Find Hunting Equipment

Unless you are a Type A neat-nick who has the best memory in the world, it is important that you take this step into consideration, as equipment often spreads around due to cleaning, home improvements, and just plain being in a rush. Every item you find, place it on your garage workbench so that you can know what you have and what is still missing. Track it every item down!

9. Repair or Replace

If you have damaged gear, it is best that you opt to repair or replace it. If you just go ahead and use it as is, issues might arise while you are having fun with your hunting buddies. It is better to prevent than lament.

8. Wash Hunting Clothes

Face it, hunting clothes that has been sitting in the garage or you hamper for more than one day is definitely going to smell pretty unattractive. For this matter, purchase cedar oil, as it is a cover scent. As soon as you are finish washing your hunting clothes, place them in a bag so that they don’t lose their scent.

7. Organized Hunting Backpack

If your backpack is not organized and does not include the necessary items, you can miss out on making the most out of bow hunting season. Make sure you have sharp knives, pen, zip ties, and latex gloves. In addition, clean you binoculars before placing them in your backpack so that they can be ready for use.

6. Exercise to Get in Shape

Ugh, this is an overlooked facet of hunting if there ever was one, am I right? It can be of great help if you opt to undertake cardio and weight training, as these exercises can help you get in shape for bow hunting season. If you follow this tip, your hunt will be more enjoyable, as these types of exercises will help keep your heart rate down when adrenaline kicks in.

5. Target Practice

Even the most experienced archers need a late summer tune up. You know what they say, practice makes perfect. It is definitely true. Being able to shoot accurately is what every hunter aims for in the bow hunting season. For this matter, boosting your shooting skills to the max with some practice is a task that will pay dividends during the season.

4. Public Land or Private Land?

In order to hunt on private land, of course, you’ll have to get permission from the land’s owner. You will have success if you know the landowner personally. If you don’t know anybody, ask your friends or family members if they know about someone who has a property that needs hunting.

When it comes to scouting public land, believe it or not, most individuals aren’t even thinking about hunting; therefore, you can scout much less evidently.

3. Review Game Laws

Every year there seems to be new rules and regulations in the handbooks. In order to play it safe, review all of the game laws that have been established on the place you plan to hunt on. If any, make sure to know what the antler restrictions are.

2. Check Game Cameras and Feeders

If the land you are hunting on allows feeders, make sure to get them going. Check all the batteries and timers to ensure they are in working order.

Same thing goes for your game cameras. Prior to deploying your fleet of cameras, check that they all have fresh batteries and SD cards. Choosing the best locations for your game cameras, is essential to patterning deer movements prior to the bow season.

1. Refresh Your Memory

Use what you learned last season. Move your blinds and stands accordingly. Don’t wait a day before the bow hunting season begins; do it now!

Here’s a good video from Kentucky Afield, describing and showing you how to get ready for bow season.