Review of the Plano Bow Guard AW Bow Case

Plano bowcase Review

I consider my bow to be an extension of me, like many other bow hunters or avid archers. In fact, I tend to take better care of it than I do anything else. That’s why when I’m traveling; I need a top quality bow case to be sure it is well protected.

I couldn’t even begin to name all the bow cases I have tried in the past. They just couldn’t handle my travels. Living in the rural midwest, I spend plenty of time driving my four wheeler through some pretty rough terrain in less than ideal weather, with my bow by my side. In the past, I would open my case to find my bow had cracked during the cold winters or my strings had been cut by accessories rattling around. Do you have any idea how mad I would be?

Thankfully, I have finally found the bow case that protects my bow perfectly. It is a combination bow case system with a Bow Guard Grab ‘N Go Series soft case and a Plano Bow Guard All Weather Series.

Grab ‘N Go Soft Case

Plano Soft AW BowcaseLet me start with the Grab ‘N Go soft case. It is constructed of a pliable, but rugged material and has a carrying handle sewn in. With reinforced stitching everywhere and plenty of padding, it offers enough protection to be used alone.

For a really secure fit, the case has slots that match right up with the support pillars and tie down straps in the hard case.

All Weather Bow Case

The All Weather Series bow case looks like it should have the words “fully protected” all over it. Its exterior features extremely thick walls, high quality locking latches, and a rubber weather seat.

Plano AW BowcaseAs an added bonus, it has pad lock tabs for traveling on a plane. Inside it is completely padded with high density foam, as well as three tie down straps for your bow. You can use 2 for the limbs and 1 for the string.

As another added bonus, it has extra straps to secure your accessories. Plus, it can hold a fully loaded quiver, if you have an extra bracket. The bracket isn’t included, so you’ll have to get one.
Combining these two amazing cases into one gives your bow superior protection. My case has been put in some pretty trying situations. It has been dropped, forgotten out in the hot sun, rain, and extreme cold, and thrown. For the ultimate test, I even stood on it and had a heavier friend do the same. It’s usually bouncing around in the back of my truck or headed down wet, muddy trails or dry trails that kick up tons of dust. Here’s the thing….it has stood up to all this abuse. My bow is completely safe and the case still looks good.

Let me just look at two little things quickly. First, don’t be one of those people who say they will never use the soft case by itself. I tend to do it all the time because it is just so easy to carry around. Second, if you use a long stabilizer to shoot, you might need to remove it to make it fit in the case. (Of course, if you have a long stabilizer, this is probably a problem you’ve encountered in the past.)

I bought my case at a local sporting goods store. You can purchase your own bow case at sporting goods store or online. The Bow Guard soft case (#93791) can usually be purchased for around $40, while the All Weather Series hard case (#108110) retails in the $110 range.